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Capture a true visit with Santa and give your child a moment to cherish for a lifetime!

Kids grow up fast!  Don't let this special time slip away.  Bring the "magic" of Christmas home forever with the special memory of the "Santa Experience"!

This holiday season, we have a limited number of mini sessions available in our Lodi studio, as Santa is a busy man. Our "Santa Experience" mini sessions are for 15 minutes

Depending on each family, Santa will interact with the child/children using as many as the following activities as he possibly can in the 15 minutes.  First, Santa will surprise each child by sneaking in behind them as they sit practicing their smiles for the camera. After sitting and chatting for a moment, he will check to see if they are on his nice list. Santa will then have the children help him finish decorating his tree.  Together, they will look at Santa's route on his magical globe and learn about the North Star. After that, they will see if they can find Frosty's hat that was left behind the last time he visited. They will also look for some of his elves that are hiding out at the studio.  Santa will then read a story.  As the session comes to a close Santa will pick from a few options such as nap time with Santa, Faux hot chocolate, or milk and cookies (milk and cookie are only if you purchase the Santa Experience 2).  Most importantly, Santa will make sure to find out what is on their wish list too.  Just before Santa heads off to feed his reindeer, he will make sure the child/children receive a sweet treat (candy cane, of course).

This special one on one "Santa Experience" is $99 if you book now. The "Santa Experience 2" which includes milk and cookie time with Santa along with all the other activities is $125.  Bookings are available for families too at no additional charge. Families larger than 6 people will be required to secure two mini sessions.

We will take a number of different images during the "Santa Experience" for you to choose from, both posed and natural interactions with Santa.

Each family (one per session) will receive a personalized Santa ornament to commemorate their visit. (additional ornaments are available for an additional cost)

After the photo session, each family will receive a link to a private viewing gallery where they will be able to purchase prints, digital images, and many other items.  All items will be shipped directly to your home.

These are privately booked sessions and wearing pajamas or formal wear make for great images.

Please use the link below to book and secure your mini session with Santa.

Photo Sessions

$49 Stocking Package

(designed for children under 3 or children who have a fear of Santa)

  • 5 minute photo session
  • 1 Personalized Christmas Ornament

$99  Santa Experience package includes:

  • 15 minute private interactive photo session with Santa
  • 1 Personalized Christmas Ornament.

$125 The Santa Experience 2

  • 15 minute private interactive photo session with Santa
  • 1 Personalize Christmas Ornament
  • Milk and cookies with Santa (Each child will receive an old fashioned milk bottle to keep.)

Print Sheets

  • 16x20 print $45                  
  • 8x10 prints $20  
  • (2) 5x7 prints $20
  • (8) wallets $20  
  • (4) 3.5 x 5 prints $20

Combo Prints

  • (1) 5x7 & (2) 3.5x5 prints $20                 
  • (1) 5x7 & (4) wallet prints $20
  • (1) 5x7, (1) 3.5x5 & (2) wallet prints $20 
  • (2) 3.5x5 & 4 wallet prints $20

Additional Items

  • (1) High Resolution Digital Image with print release $35
  • 50" X 60" Silk touch blanket $89
  • 50" x 60" Sherpa blanket $99
  • Premium Gallery Wraps Starting at $120


  • Mistletoe:  2-5x7 prints and 8 wallets---$35
  • Prancer: 1-8x10 print, 2 5x7 prints, and 3-4x6 prints---$47
  • Rudolph: 1-8x10 print, 2 5x7 prints, 8- wallets and 3-4x6 prints---$62
  • Gingerbread: 2-8x10 prints, 4-5x7 prints, and 8 wallets---$78
  • Candy Cane: 1-11x14 print, 1-8x10 print, 6-4x6 prints, 4- 5x7 prints, and 8 wallets---$99

*Each print sheet is made using one image.  A print sheet consists of one of the following: 1-8x10 print, 2-5x7 prints, 3-4x6 prints, 8-wallets, or 1-11x14.


About Our Santa

Santa Mike lives in Stockton and has been portraying Santa for many years. Married and the father of three sons, Santa Mike knows that being Santa is more than just a beard and a red coat.

Santa is perhaps the best known icon of childhood; you can't fool kids; they know whether or not someone has what it takes to be Santa.  Santa Mike is a Special Education teacher for Stockton Unified with over 27 years of experience. He is also the father of a son with Autism.

Santa Mike is still young at heart and in tune with children to know about many of those items on the Christmas lists. Yes, he knows the difference between Monster High and Barbie Dolls and PlayStation and Xbox video gaming systems. Staying on top of the toy market is just a small part of knowing how to be a good Santa for children of all ages.

Patience and soft spoken approach are trademarks of a visit with Santa Mike.  Whether working with brothers and sisters during a home visit or with hundreds of children at a school for exceptional needs, Santa Mike will take the time to make sure every child knows that they are special. Candy Canes sweeten the end of each visit.

Not content with the "off the shelf" Santa look, Santa Mike has taken the time to present a unique and genuine portrayal of the North Pole's number one citizen.

​Oh, and go ahead and give 'em a pull, those are real whiskers!

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